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Prep and Cook Time: 22 min.

You can purchase potatoes, onions, parsley, and raw milk from The Barefoot Farmers Market.


- 4 to 5 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed

- 1/3 cup onion, chopped

- 1 envelope ranch-style dressing mix (1 ounce) 1/3 cup sour cream

- 2 cups milk

- 1 teaspoon parsley

Directions: - Precook potatoes in the microwave or boil until slightly tender.

- Spray a large skillet with non-stick cooking spray.

- Over medium heat, brown onions, and potatoes.

- Add remaining ingredients and simmer just until sauce thickens.

- Place in a ceramic dish or glass oven pan.

- Place under broiler until the top is golden brown. (optional)

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