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Tomazin Farms


1915 The Tomazin and Luznar families were established in Samsula and began growing vegetables and supplying them to the surrounding communities. Vegetables were delivered to New Smyrna Beach via horse and buggy to local residents and general stores. John Luznar would deliver vegetables using a horse-drawn carriage to New Smyrna Beach from Samsula. They would go door to door and if any product was left they consigned it at a local general store. Many times they would float their wagon there as the roads were underwater. They also sometimes stop along the way and rest the horses, build a fire and make some lunch. Joe and Mary Tomazin would grow starter plants for many of the local farmers.    
1936 Joseph Tomazin Jr. and Georgia (Luznar)Tomazin were married, established a homestead, and began farming here at our current farm location. They originally built a two-room farmhouse and didn’t have electricity for over a year. They started a family and began farming right away. Life was hard, clearing land and digging ditches was all done by hand. 

Commercial Farming 


1949 a group of local farmers, including Joe and Georgia Tomazin, started the Central East Coast Growers Co-Op Association of Florida and started working together to market their products all over the state. Bell peppers were the main crop but many of the same crops Tomazin Farms grows now were grown during this time. Bill Tomazin was born this year in February and would go on to take over the farm in 1973.   
1960’s Joe and Georgia Tomazin along with their seven children expanded their farm to include deliveries to local grocery stores and markets. They further expanded their business to include bagging spinaches and lettuces which were shipped throughout Central Florida.
1973 Bill and Nora Tomazin began living in the original homestead and began farming. They were growing a variety of vegetables that were taken to Farmers Markets, local grocery stores, and packing houses. They started a family in 1971, when their first son, Paul Tomazin, was born.

Harmonious Farming


2012 Paul Tomazin joined his dad and began farming. They expanded their distribution to include many restaurants around the state of Florida utilizing Farm to Restaurant companies. With the restaurant demand, they expanded their crop variety to include many specialty items. Paul and his wife Missy along with their four children work alongside Bill to help keep the farm in the family.


2020 Tomazin Farms opens up two farmers markets in the community, one being on the farm to begin to focus on serving the immediate community with quality healthy vegetables, as a model moving forward. Along with the two new local markets we also reach out to more local restaurants as the demand for local produce and services has increased. We are working on expanding our farm to include educational classes about farming and many other homesteading skills.


Today we grow many of the same vegetables and produce that our families originally farmed here. We are proud of our heritage and seek to continue to hold to the high standards that were once implemented on this farm and in this community. Tomazin Farms is currently run by Bill Tomazin and his son & daughter in law Paul Tomazin and Missy Tomazin. We have approximately 40 acres of farmland and barns which helps us to produce over 70 different items each year in two distinct growing seasons. We pride ourselves on freshness and quality and seek to implement many responsible farming standards and techniques that were once commonplace on farms in the early part of the 20th century.



Family Owned & Operated Since 1915

They arrived with few things and big dreams.

To build a farm that would feed the great state of Florida.

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Working barefoot with Bill, Paul has led the way to a new harmonious farming way of life.


Feeding Families

The next generation of farmers.

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